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Oh my fucking god


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Let go up to pro lifers standing outside of abortion clinics and try to get them to sponsor a child. There is so many of these programs too. And if they say no because they cant afford it or they dont have the time etc, then I guess they arent truly pro life.
Because those are two if the exact reasons why people get abortions.

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#probably the best explanation of a device in the tv history

This is literally my fourth or fifth time reblogging this.

It’s still hillarious.

One of my favorite lines

I kinda feel like the writers wrote this line specifically to drive the kind of fans who want to figure out how sci-fi tech would theoretically work crazy. They’re like “nope! We’re not going to give you any techno babble to tear apart or investigate or mull over to tell us how we’re doing it wrong, or how it compares in effectiveness to similar tech in other franchises.”

I also feel like this is one of those times when the TARDIS’s translation circuit just gave the fuck up. Like the ‘physics physics physics’ scene, where he is imparting secrets of the universe and the TARDIS is like THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR THIS IN ENGLISH DAMN IT DOCTOR OH HELL FUCK IT.

OH MY GODS she TOTALLY edits his speech. I be he actually swears a fuckton but the TARDIS is like THERE ARE CHILDREN